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We all know the importance of setting goals in order to achieve what we want for the future. At First Rate Financial Group, we have goals as your mortgage banker in Ventura County. We aren't the typical lenders who only care about making the deal today. We don't just care about our own needs. We have a vision: Customers for Life. To earn our customers' loyalty, we must listen to them, anticipate their needs, and act to create value in their eyes.

When you contact us to apply for one of our Westlake Village first time home buyer programs or to get Thousand Oaks HARP refinancing on your current home, we won't just give you an application and leave the rest up to you. We take our job as your mortgage banker in Ventura County seriously and work with you to find the solutions that will work best for your financial needs. We don't make customers for a single process. Instead, we strive to give you the degree of attention and service that creates customers for life!

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We believe that by working to the highest standards, growth, longevity, and financial success will naturally follow. When we are working with you to get your home financed through one of our Westlake Village first time home buyer programs, we will look at your current circumstances and find a match for you. You want a loan that will fit into your life without causing you any financial burden or confusion about what you will have to pay. That's what we want for you too! We know that if you are happy with the service you get from us today, you will be more likely to return to us when you need services in the future. Being there for you now is how we work to create customers for life!

If you have been unable to get refinancing on your Thousand Oaks home because of declining property values even though you have continued to make timely mortgage payments, we may be able to offer you Thousand Oaks HARP refinancing that will lower your monthly obligation and make it easier to keep the home you are currently living in. Make us your mortgage banker of Ventura County and we will work to make your financial burden an easier one to meet.

If you want to get financial solutions and real results for your financial needs, count on the mortgage banker in Ventura County that will work for you. We understand your vision for the future because we have one too! Whether you are in need of our Westlake Village first time home buyer programs to get you into your first home or our Thousand Oaks HARP refinancing to make it easier to stay in the home you already have, we will provide you with the reliable services that will make you one of our customers for life!

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